Ocha Meetup & BBQ

On Oct 15th 2016,  We had an ocha (tea) meetup and a backyard cookout  afterward at Yokota-en in Sayama, Saitama, Japan.  We had 14 guests  on that day form Kanto area as registered participants.  All the Participants had an tea factory tour in the plantation.  Then they enjoyed a  backyard BBQ party to socialize among the participants.  They had talked about Ocha, Japanese authentic tea including Gyokuro, Blacktea, Houji-cha, Fukamushi-cha, and Sayamakaori.  We all learned that those tea has been made of same tea leaf.  It’s depending on the product processes.  There are more upcoming meetups in the near future to provide opportunities for perticipants to experience Sayamacha lifestyle, the lifestyle with ocha.

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